Using Results
· Use Results daily/weekly to set tasks, view attainment results and differentiate work for individuals or your full class.
· View examples of the student activity using the drop down menu in the ‘Action bar’ to ensure it meets your requirements.
· Aim to have every score 85% or better – those students not achieving mastery will be highlighted in Red to allow you to focus on them and ‘get rid of red’.

Consolidating Concepts and Improving Results
· Direct students to the Support link for each task prior to completing it for the first time
· Repeating tasks a minimum of THREE times ensures consolidation of concepts and improves understanding
· This will also provide the foundation for improved results
· Students should be encouraged to repeat tasks until mastery is achieved – new questions are given each time.
· Monitor students who have attempted activities 3 times and still not achieved Mastery – they will be highlighted in red in Results Manager. These students may need further teaching input or placed or their Mathletics course adjusted.

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