AnthonyAnthony is joint Curriculum Leader at Caledonian Primary School in Victoria, Science Mentor and a classroom teacher.  Anthony is passionate about developing his students’ love of learning and their independence as learners.

Having taught for 5 years, Anthony currently teaches Years 3 and 4 and uses Mathletics in his classroom as part of an integrated approach to teaching maths.

“Mathletics enriches my classroom by providing engaging and fun activities for student learning.  Mathletics engages our students particularly as they collect certificates, points and individualise their avatar. They also enjoy Mathletics Live and challenging their friends and classmates. “

Anthony takes a lead role in his school’s numeracy program ensuring Mathletics data is used to track individual student progress and to design appropriate work plans by incorporating tasks and tests into their formative and summative assessment schedule.   “Mathletics forms part of my formative and summative assessment. I use it to help identify a student’s point of need, to tailor my lessons and as pre and post assessment of units of work.  I use all aspects of Mathletics in my teaching program including tasks and tests, Mathletics Live and the problem solving challenges. The workbooks are used for individual work and also provide activities that engage, challenge and extend student thinking.”

At Caledonian Primary School, Anthony and his colleagues integrate Mathletics into group work and peer tutoring, “each week Mathletics tasks form part of our small group work. Students often help each other to solve problems.”

Anthony would like to see an easier way to collate student data from the Mathletics Administration console – to view individual student progress from a whole-school view – and continues to liaise with Mathletics’ design team with his feedback.

Anthony is generous with his Mathletics leadership, supporting colleagues from schools in the district as well as in-house.

 “3P Learning has always supported staff in my region to further their skills in integrating ICT in Maths and English. This Learning Community is an opportunity to learn from others as well as share my own learning.”