The recent release of the slick new look to Mathletics and the addition of lots of new features has seen a flood of great comments into the digital postbag at Mathletics Towers. 

This got us thinking… it’s amazing how far Mathletics has come in just a very short time. Mathletics was first created back in 2005 – so we are only 7 years old, younger than most of our users! At that time, only the Live Mathletics game existed.

From very humble beginnings, the program has grown into a hugely popular resource with thousands of activities, used by over 3.5 million students right across the world. It’s now possible to access Mathletics anywhere, on laptops and tablet devices that hadn’t even been invented when Mathletics was born! We remember our celebrations when we passed the “1 million questions” milestone – today we are racing towards 16 BILLION!

Check out the gallery below to see some “old school” Mathletics from the very early days…

Retro Mathletics HOF

The Hall of Fame has developed a little since 2005!

Retro Mathletics

Student Console 2005 vs 2012

Retro Live Mathletics

Lots of changes to the original and much loved Live Mathletics!

That’s what you call retro Mathletics!  We’ve come a long way – and we’re not stopping yet!