Stuart MacKenzie, MLE on teaching with video tutorials

Mathletics Leading Educator, Classroom & ICT Teacher in QLD Stuart MacKenzie shares Why I use and How I make Video Tutorials in his classroom.

Having differentiated his class into groups, Stuart finds he is able to work with one group, whilst he has another smaller group accessing his own pre-recorded instructional support that demonstrates and explains a particular concept.  A key benefit of using video tutorials means students can pause and repeat a lesson as often as required.

Stuart identifies some of the easiest ways to record videos using an iPad, PC and Mac finding them particularly well suited for teaching subjects like maths.  Stuart explains how creating the tutorials isn’t particularly onerous and means he has a library of explanatory lessons which can ideally be stored on individual iPads or uploaded and shared on the web for students to access later.

Stuart is a leader in mobile technology in education, working closely with schools and teachers to introduce handheld and mobile devices into the classroom.

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