VanyaDuncanVanya is a Grade 4 teacher at American School of Ulaanbaatar and has successfully completed all three levels of the Certification Pathway.

Being a very IT savvy teacher, Vanya has taken full advantage of Mathletics to differentiate, bring students with gaps up to speed with others, provide challenging work for more able students, monitor progress using results and to carry out long-term planning for her grade level. Vanya has been actively facilitating Mathletics within her school by providing training and support to colleagues and parents in their use of the program and to increase numeracy results.

As part of her daily morning routine, Vanya uses the demonstrations option in the teacher centre to go through the Math problems students are encountering. She watches support videos on the white board and uses Animated Math Dictionary and Concept Search in Mathletics to explain new concepts and Math words.  She finds these learning support resources support not only students with English as a Second Language, but also parents who would like to support students learning at home.

Vanya values Mathletics as an assessment tool and finds the program especially useful during parent-teacher conference, in which she can show the strengths and weaknesses of each individual student in just a few clicks. It saves time for teachers and all data is automated and personalized.

In the meantime, Vanya has implemented a school-wide weekly Mathletics Live competition in which students compete against other students in the school, as well as against their teachers! A live broadcast has been set up so that students can watch teachers play, and all students can chat via IRC. The 45-minute weekly competition has been a big hit for students. Vanya has mentioned that there are a number of Korean students in the school who have really high Math fluency, thus providing a challenge even teachers struggle to meet!

Vanya also finds regular recognition of student achievement important. She has created an ASU Mathletics Wall of Fame where students photos and place in the Mathletics top 100 Asia/World Halls of Fame are recorded with stars or worlds.

She has students from 1st through 5th grade on the board. In addition, students in 4th grade receive incentives for medals and weekly points, to ensure students continue to be engaged and acknowledged. In addition to the Wall of Fame, students are recognized for world placement via school’s intercom system in the morning announcements. She is going to incorporate Mathletics achievements into their monthly assemblies in the coming academic year.