The team behind the highly successful and effective K-12 math resource, Mathletics, is excited to announce the release of IntoScience for Grades 6, 7 & 8 across 137 schools in the Bay Area on Wednesday May 20.

Created specifically for the needs of Middle School science students, IntoScience helps students master the core science skills they need to be successful in school and beyond. 3P Learning is committed to improving education standards for all students, and this new science resource provides students with an online learning environment where they can engage in real-world scientific discovery.

Developed by a highly experienced team of educators, educational writers, animators and web developers, IntoScience targets the academic and motivational needs of Middle School science students through engaging 3D environments, virtual experiments and deep contextual examples.

IntoScience has been developed to provide schools with a blended learning approach to science education that incorporates gamification, inquiry-based learning and higher-order thinking skills. The online resource consists of over 100 unique 3D environments, real time Third Degree Gaming, structured activity sequences and powerful teacher resources with detailed lesson guides, assessment opportunities and comprehensive reporting.

The online resource meets the highest of worldwide benchmarks in science education and is genuine leap forward in science learning – unparalleled to anything available in the education market.

IntoScience is launching after a successful pilot with hundreds of teachers throughout the United States, the UK and Australia. Piloting science teacher, Rachel Hilario for grades 4-8 at St Josephs School, Mountain View, California says:

“One of the things we are trying to do here with the blended learning model, is make kids more responsible and independent for their learning. When I heard about IntoScience, I was really excited by the fact that kids could play an interactive world and integrate the science we are learning in class.”

IntoScience is a web-based program, accessible via web browser, desktop App and on tablet devices; as well as via Smartboards and interactive whiteboards for use at the front of the class.

The Official Launch Event will be held at Hotel Nikko 222 Mason St, San Francisco, CA 94102 Wednesday, May 20th from 5.00pm. Educators and Media all welcome, please contact us for further details at or 866.387.9139.