UPDATE: First Weekend of SEAMC 2015 Pre-Round goes to Team Bacon Dragon in what is still a wide-open event.

It looks as though the various Lunar New Year holidays around the region allowed a lot more teams to find the time to compete in the Pre-Round Live Arithmetic Challenge hosted on the Mathletics Platform this year. All but 29 of the 80 teams logged in over the weekend and took part in 60 second challenges against other SEAMC students across the region.

As predicted, the Mathletics website was reflecting the activity from SEAMC Participants across the region.[/fusion_text]

Whilst there were some admirable individual performances, this is a Team-based event where students are competing together to win Mathletics Subscriptions and a fantastic trophy for their school. With only another weekend to go, (Feb 20-22nd), the current leaders will only be threatened by teams who have all members contributing well on all 3 Challenging Levels, Levels 7, 8 and 9. Team Bacon Dragon from Singapore Piaget Academy showed the way this weekend with a very determined team effort.

Teachers are able to use the Login sent to them to check the participation of each student from their school at each Challenge level (7-9). Please let the organiser know if we have made any glaring errors. The “SEAMC Score” is the product of the (No. correct x accuracy x Q’s/min x Level weight factor). The Team score is the sum of the SEAMC Score for each Level.

Teachers just need to go to the “reports button” on their Teacher Home page. They should then select Live Mathletics and the appropriate level on the upper Left Side of the page as indicated here: reports-button

In many cases, there were only one or two students contributing to the Team score. This is what set the whole team performance of Team Bacon Dragon apart from the others over the weekend. Perhaps the fact that a lot more students will be on holidays this weekend and team members should have less obligations to keep them from logging in and taking part, will we see a very hotly contested event this weekend? We all hope so!

NOTE: If teachers are able to get a message to their students ahead of this weekend’s event, please remind them that the challenge Levels are only Levels 7-9. Unfortunately we had students engaging on Level 10, which was a wasted effort for these teams.