Hello everybody,

We have had a great day at Terrington Hall School on Tuesday! I made a speech in assembly and sent a letter home last week inviting everyone to come dressed up as a famous literary figure, mathematician or scientist for the opening day, and most of us did, including lots of teachers! What I liked was that people dressed up as – there was a girl dressed as a gangsta granny – which was fantastic. Another girl came as Hermione Grainger, there were a few other Harry Potter characters, and loads of mad scientists and Einsteins.

We have raised some money for charity through this, and for that I am really proud. It also made the day really exciting and different. Many of our classes have been playing online today, and some began late yesterday. We even had one student, Silas in year 5, make the world Hall of Fame for a while. Congratulations to him!

We are all really excited to be taking part against everyone around the world, especially as this is Terrington Hall’s first ever World Education Games. Lots of us will play at home tonight, and hopefully get to try out the Live Science event tomorrow.

Ellie E
Student Ambassador, UK