Hi everyone, I’m Amy the ambassador from Scotland part of the UK team. 

Amy-McConnachieI hope everyone has enjoyed the World Education Games 2015 and is proud of what they, their school and their country has achieved.   It’s been great to hear how everyone has been taking part.

I have really enjoyed WEG this year and are amazed at how many people have been taking part.  Even though it has been half term for many schools in Scotland, lots of people have still competed.  This shows that these Games have had an impact and that because the online games can be played at home or when you are doing other things, there is always a chance to get involved.  Many people have been able to enjoy doing this – I even managed to take part while on holiday and when travelling showing how lucky we are to have had the chance to get involved.

We are also lucky when compared to others.  The link that WEG has to UNICEF and School In a Box is what has made taking part extra special for me this year.  My school, Ross High, has a UNICEF Rights Respecting Schools award, and I think this has made competing this year so much better as you know you are making a difference to people’s lives.

Well done everyone and look forward to taking part again next year!