We believe in zero. That’s a goal of zero young people without access to an education. At 3P Learning, it is our mission to do everything we can to achieve this goal with our friends at UNICEF.

Since 2014, 3P Learning and the World Education Games have been supporting a number of UNICEF projects in Zimbabwe including School-in-a-Box and Child Friendly Schools.

By the end of this, our fourth year working alongside UNICEF, we’re proud to say that our funding commitments will have gone towards supporting 16 schools (four schools per year) through the Child Friendly Schools Program.

With our support, 4740 children at the 16 schools across the three districts of Binga, Hurungwe and Mwenezi in Zimbabwe receive greater access to basic services you or I might take for granted such as safe water, sanitation and hygiene. Eliminating the obstacles that prevent children from accessing education means greater school attendance and pushes us closer towards achieving our goal of zero.

The program also seeks to support teacher training through UNICEF’s Child Friendly teaching methods.

How the Child Friendly Schools Program is making a difference

With wide-spread drought currently ravaging the country and a poor economy eroding household incomes to an average of just USD$360 per capita per year, the health and well-being of Zimbabwean citizens is under huge threat.

Despite the challenges brought about by the drought, remarkable progress has been made across the Binga and Hurungwe districts. From July – December 2016 our projects have helped fund the following. 

boreholes installed with handpumps
latrines constructed & commissioned
hand washing tanks constructed
child friendly teachers trained

How students around the world are helping

Did you know that for every correct answer within the Live area of Mathletics and curriculum activities students earn UNICEF points?

It’s true! We then turn the UNICEF points into cash and donate it to fund UNICEF’s projects.

So by simply completing their school and homework, students around the world are helping provide essential services to children in Zimbabwe.

Now, isn’t that a good reason to finish your homework…


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