Coloured Alphabet

The Literacy team at 3P Learning is working to develop a new spelling test to establish a standardised spelling age across the UK.  More than 2 million students from over 4000 primary and secondary schools from our community have been invited to take part in helping us create the most relevant and accurate test available.  

This test will be made available to all Spellodrome users, but we need your help in creating it.

How can you take part and share your results?

  • Simply follow these links to download the test and results sheet in Excel and Word document form:

                The Test           Student Answer Sheet            Test Markbook          Test Instructions

  • Administer the test to a minimum of 20 students as per the instructions sheet (the test is suitable for 5 – 15 year-olds)
  • Ask your colleagues to administer the test to their students

 All results returned by January 2013 will receive a report containing the spelling age table and other relevant information.                                                                  

 “A synonym is a word you use when you can’t spell the other one.”

Baltasar Gracian

 Thank you for your help!