Hui-Qing-LHello my name is Hui Qing. When I first heard about the about the World Education Games I wasn’t all that sure, but when I found out more and what the purpose was, I was excited to become an ambassador.

My job is to encourage all you lovely people to participate in this year’s game.  You need to collect as many UNICEF points as possible using the three games Mathletics, Spellodrome and Into Science. Every 5000 UNICEF points is turned into $1. The money is used to make a school in a box for those countries that don’t have school. The school in a box contains all the resources a school needs.

Here is a film introducing UNICEF.

The whole world is participating, countries like Australia, Africa and many more. We want to have as many people participating as possible if you want to find out more about the education games go to the UNICEF web page.


Thank you.