Hi all,

The World Education Games is over this year, but, …. Don’t be sad. It will be back again soon!!

It was an unforgettable experience for me to campaign for WEG as the Middle East Ambassador and also as a participant myself. Students across UAE and Middle East enjoyed participating in the games. I  got lots of feedback about WEG 2015 from parents, students and schools. “It was a pleasure for my kids to play the world education games .We all enjoyed it as a family! Excellent opportunity to ignite the young minds and my kids have enjoyed it immensely!! ” wrote one parent and “My daughters are very much interested in this program. It helps them to develop their logical, reasoning and listening skills”, said another.  My school supervisor also mentioned  to me that she was receiving emails from other schools about the nice opportunity they got of participating in the WEG 2015.

How did I campaign as an Ambassador?

  1. In my school, I went to each and every class and made a Power Point presentation, encouraging students to participate in the Games and win as well as support a noble cause.

  2. My supervisor & class teacher supported by sending out emails to all students and parents and asking them to make use of the unique opportunity.

  3. My school Principal, on my request, sent out emails to all other Indian schools. Many of the schools, including mine, heard about the WEG for the 1st time. 

  4. I sent out emails to Principals of various schools following different curriculum’s in all parts of UAE.

  5. As President of Dubai based Youth Group, STUDENTS FOR THE EARTH, I encouraged student members of the group to register. I also ran a poster contest in which students had to paint a poster on the topic UNITE THE WORLD IN LEARNING. The posters can be viewed in link https://www.facebook.com/studentsfortheearth

  6. My interviews were published in leading UAE and GCC dailies like Gulf News & The National newspaper. The news was also covered by leading online newspaper www.emirates247.com. It was reposted by more than 20 online news portals including NDTV.com in India. Also these newspapers posted the news on their Facebook, Twitter & Instagram pages reaching out to nearly 925,000 viewers. This is apart from the hard copy reach of nearly 120,000 in total. In Gulf News, my interview featured in the TOP STORIES of the day and the MOST VIEWED column.




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  1. The World Education Games, posted my blogs on their website and Facebook.

  2. WEG also re-tweeted my Tweets through my Twitter account.

  3. The Expo 2020 Ambassadors supported me through their social media portals reaching out to more than 22,000 students and parents. https://www.facebook.com/DubaiExpo2020Ambassadors

  4. UCMAS, the institution that teaches abacus supported me and posted on their Facebook page (reach 1,700 students) encouraging all abacus learners to participate and also the entire community of abacus teachers in UAE was contacted and asked to spread the message to all their students. https://www.facebook.com/ucmasuae

I want to thank all the pupils who participated in WEG 2015 across the Middle East. Indirectly, all of us, even those who made the smallest contribution, were supporting a noble cause of providing school supplies for the underprivileged. You may not have made it to the Hall of Fame, but still you won because you contributed UNICEF points to students in need.

Thank you WEG and 3P Learning for making this World Education Games so fun!!