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Live Spellodrome is designed to bring out the competitor in every student, and is so much more than a fun diversion. It’s a fast-paced and exciting way to improve spelling skills.

Green-earth-icon Students are matched in real-time with others around the world in LIVE real-time spelling races, great for encouraging quick thinking.

Green-earth-icon Racing against each other, students try to correctly spell as many words as they can.

Green-earth-icon Points are awarded for each correct answer in the levels Rookie, Master and Champion.

Green-earth-icon Speed and accuracy are the key, three incorrect answers and you’re out of the game!

To add an extra level of excitement, challenge your class with Live Spellodrome Bingo. Have your students record every country they compete against and the first to collect 5 countries (or 10 or 20) wins the round.

You can also ‘travel the world’ as a whole class, put a pin in the map for every time your students compete against a new country and see how many you can collect together! This is a great way to incorporate cross-curricula content into your lessons. Help your students find the country on the map and you can even throw in a few facts about the people and customs in that particular part of the world.

We have created a printable Spellodrome map so you can display the efforts of your globetrotters!