As the school year comes to an end, teachers may look back on the year that was and reflect on the emotions and experiences that come with an entire year of teaching. In this time of reflection, nothing encapsulates the many moods and emotions of the teaching experience better than memes. Memes are social media’s key to the sole. A well-directed meme can depict exactly how you feel or what you’re thinking. With this in mind, let us all gather round and reflect on teachers with our top 10 funniest teacher memes.

10. Turn off all cell phones

Let’s start the list with a meme that is as funny as it is genius. This meme captures the lengths teachers will go to stop cheating during examinations for tech savvy student. This teacher has taken the pre examination warning of turn off your phones and turned it on its head. Whoever this teacher is, he or she has surely changed the game.

9. Getting a bit catty

Is there a conversation that can wait till after class? A question that has stumped even the brightest teaching minds of our time. Sometimes, in the mix of taking in the content from teachers in class and remembering something hilarious to tell your friend, a choice has to be made between saving it till later (and potentially forgetting what you were going say), or getting it out while its fresh in your head. When the latter is chosen, 99% of the time you will look back at your teacher only to receive this look.

8. One teacher assigned task to rule them all

Being chosen by your teacher to perform important teaching business, is like being chosen to perform a special mission for her majesties secret service. When you are picked, you know it’s not a random event, or because you were closest to the teacher at the time or even because you weren’t paying attention in class anyway. You were chosen because you have a special set of skills; very few (if any) are blessed with the ability to walk from one place to another in the way that you do. Seize the moment, take that teachers special task and literally run with it.

7. The wizard says it best

Keeping in the lord of the rings theme, teachers often go into long and meaningful speeches about education in the hopes that it will strike a chord with the class and inspire students to learn like they’ve never learnt before. Then on the other hand, sometimes the wisest words are the most direct.

6. Can you repeat that?

Teachers in their drive for learning will tell students everything they need to be as prepared as possible. Students are sitting their eager to learn. Everything is good till all of a sudden, their friend walks by the window and pulls a funny face and the student then thinks man that kid is funny…wait sorry sir can you explain that last bit? I didn’t quiet catch that.

5. The dangers of group work

Teachers at times will assign groups for class tasks in order to get the most out of their students’, but some teachers don’t like to play by the rules. These mavericks of education actually believe students can choose their own groups and it will be fine?

4. Kids say the darndest things

Teachers are developers of the futures, moulders of the men and women of tomorrow, but they are also human. Most of the time a students childish remarks will bounce off a teacher like a sense of humour shield. But once in a while, a student will do or day something too funny. In these moments the teacher has no choice but to drop their guard under the pressure of childish hilarity.

3. Grade A teacher’s pet

Students learn on a daily basis, it’s part of their lifestyle and they have their own way of approaching class to learn what they choose. Then a teacher offers a reward for good work and then class isn’t a game anymore.

2. Caught red handed

When someone becomes a teacher there would be a long list of valid reasons to taking such an important career path. Educating our future, to make a difference, build a thirst for learning and so on. But one of the reasons that would be listed has to be to see this face when you catch a student red handed.

1. Did everybody get that?

Everyone has been a student in their life. We have all gone through some level of education and had to take important notes in order to pass a test or write a paper. And in these hasty moments of documenting important information, a teacher has either got in the way of what their writing or rubbed it off the board mere seconds after completing it. It is this universal struggle that makes this the number 1 teacher meme.


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