It’s almost back to school time, so the Mathletics team has come up with some handy tips to ensure that you and your child have a smooth and healthy transition back into the everyday school life routine.


Follow these tips to make sure your back to school runs as smooth as possible:

  • Start adjusting early – Readjust your child’s meal times, bed times and morning routines to better suit the school nights and mornings.

  • Make sure to get enough sleep each night– It can be a long school day as well as after school activities and homework, this can leave your child feeling tired and have a lack of energy if they don’t get enough sleep.

  • Pack healthy lunches – Healthy school lunches are an important part of back to school preparation, a nutritious, sustainable lunch as well as snacks ensures enough stamina to take on the day. Don’t forget breakfast!

  • Refresh skills and complete any summer homework – Ensure your child catches up on any school work that may have been given and jump onto Mathletics to get a head start to the school year.

  • Create a to-do-list – plan everything your child may need for back to school and start gradually checking these off in the coming weeks to when school starts to alleviate last minute stress.

  • Go exploring – A mix of learning and adventure to create a fun excursion or experiment to warm up for back to school. Find some fun examples for science experiments here

  • Start with a clear mindset – reserve a quiet place at home for your child’s study and creativity to bloom.

  • Ready, set, goals – Get your child to write a list of achievements that they may want to strive towards completing by the end of this school year.

Get organised for the school week with our free printable Mathletics lunch chart that you can use to plan out your child’s daily morning tea, snacks and lunches to take to school, this will help keep your routine and ensure your child is enjoying a healthy and delicious lunch for sustained energy for the long school day.

Download a free weekly lunch chart.
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