Each student is different in how they learn, but one thing they all have in common is that the more time and energy they put into their education the greater the results. So what can you do to give these hard workers the acknowledgment they deserve? Mathletics reports are set up in a way that student results are easily accessible to both teachers and administrators. We have set out some easy to follow steps to help your Mathletics administrators acknowledge those hard working students in your school.

  • 01. Log in using your administration sign in details

  • 02. Select the Reports button, then click the large Reports button

  • 03. Select Participation for WHOLE school

    2016-05-26 15_34_22-Mathletics

  • 04. At the bottom of the page, select view top students

  • 05. Click twice on the column heading “Total points” (This will sort in descending order)


  • 06. From here you can narrow the Top Ten to any time period you want by using one of the Date Range filters


  • 07. You can now isolate your top participating students, organising their activity based on results and timeframe

Use this information to put your active learners in the limelight, putting this information into a school email or newsletter for instance will be a great platform to build incentive towards improving results. We endeavour to build a love of learning for all students and hope these helpful steps aid you in letting your students witness their full potential.

Check out our Mathletics report user guide for more useful information