Increase engagement - Live Mathletics

Karen has a class of eager year 3 students, who are learning their multiplication tables. She is looking for a fun and interactive way to help improve her students’ maths fluency and mental maths skills. Her class loves competing in Live Mathletics against one another. She decides to bring them together as a group to play against her using the interactive whiteboard.

Use Student view in your Teacher Console for whole class learning and demonstrations.

1. Sign in to Mathletics. In the top left corner, you will see the Student view button. Here, you are able to access the Student Console and provide demonstrations to your class.

2. Choose your class and group, then select either the Primary or Secondary Console. The Student Console will open in a new tab. Display the screen on an Interactive Whiteboard.

3. Click on the Play area to open Live Mathletics. From here, you can challenge up to 3 of your students at a time.

You can encourage the rest of your class to cheer on the competing students, and even call out answers.

Another way you can play is to start a world challenge against other students around the world. Have your students participate by contributing answers. Submit the first answer called out to motivate students to work out the question before guessing the answer.

Tip: you can also use the Student Console to view curriculum activities and walk through questions, step-by-step, with your class. Demonstrate the activity once to familiarise them with the concept and style of questions. Then have your students try the activity themselves; the questions are adaptive and will be different with each attempt.

To return to the Teacher Console, simply close the tab.

Learn more about how to use Live Mathletics and all of its levels available to students here