Differentiated learning

Karen has just started the school year teaching a year 1 and year 2 composite class. She has her classroom divided into 4 different tables, with 5 or 6 students on each. The red and blue tables are year 1, and the green and yellow tables are her year 2 students.

Karen wants to organise her Mathletics class into these four groups, and provide the appropriate course content for all of them. Using the Teacher Console, it’s easy to split your class into different groups, with unique names, and set to the appropriate course. When Karen enters the Classes module, she can select classes and group management. When her class was first created, all of her students appeared in the default group.

Let’s go through the steps to create new groups on your Teacher Console.

1. Click on the ‘add a group’ button.

2. You’re prompted to name the new group (this name won’t be visible to your students)

3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 until you have created all your groups.

From here, select manage students and move them from the default group to the new group using the simple drag-and-drop function.

Tip: you can use the undo button at the bottom of the page to place a student back into their original group.

For Karen, once her four groups are set up, she can set a year 1 curriculum aligned course to her year 1 students, and a year 2 course for her year 2 students. She assigns activities by table group for Mathletics group work sessions, which allows her to monitor their progress closely.


There’s also an in-product video showing you how to set up classes – just log in to Mathletics to view.

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