Pitt Island is located approximately 770kms off the coast of the South Island, but that hasn’t stopped Pitt Island school from becoming a major force in the world of Mathletics.  With their internet connected via satellite, the 6 pupils of Pitt Island School have more than held their own when competing in online competitions, the last of which was a 31st placing for Douglas in his age group for World Maths Day.

The pupils are hoping to take this run of form into the upcoming ASB New Zealand Maths Challenge that begins on the 21st of August.  The team has been in training and are already practising on the ASB New Zealand Maths Challenge’s practise site as School Principal Phillip explains.

“We are helping the juniors get up to speed and celebrating whenever someone breaks their record. Hopefully we will perform our best once the actual competition starts in 8 days.”

It only seems right to finish off the post with words for wisdom from young Archie G “I hope our school wins,”.


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