Last month Nicky Morgan announced that from 2017 all primary school leavers in England will be tested on their times tables up to 12×12 using a timed, on-screen test.

Mathletics has a set of focused and fun resources to help you and your pupils prepare for the new assessment:


Curriculum Activities


Find out exactly which times tables your pupils are struggling with by setting them activities from our ‘Groups of…’ series. These activities use modelling to develop pupils’ conceptual understanding of multiplication.

Pupils can practise all their times tables up to 12×12 in the activity ‘Multiplication Facts’. Their results will indicate how ready they are for the assessment.



Set pupils our new ‘KS2 Times Table Assessment’ to prepare them for the timed element of the test. The assessment includes 30 questions up to 12×12 and teachers can change the time limit to increase the challenge.


Live Mathletics

Live Mathletics provides an exciting practice arena for pupils to improve the speed and accuracy of their mental arithmetic skills. Competing in high adrenaline, one-minute races develops mathematically resilient pupils who can cope with the pressure of working in timed conditions. Multiplication is included in Live Mathletics from level 3.


Printable eBooksmultisheets

Consolidate and extend multiplication skills with printable worksheets, activities and investigations from our Multiplication and Division eBook series. Remember there are answers available in the Teacher Book!


Times Tables Toonstimestoons

Songs are a brilliant way to practise multiplication together in the classroom and engage your auditory learners. Mathletics has a different song for each times table up to 12×12 and wallcharts available to download.