Times Table Troubles Toons

Learning and understanding the times tables is an important foundation for being able to solve all types of higher-level mathematical problems; but learning them isn’t always easy. James Ball from The Guardian observed recent data collected from the students at Caddington Village School in Bedford to determine which times tables cause the most trouble. In total the 232 children who participated produced more than 60,000 answers. Here’s how they did.

The hardest multiplication was six times eight, which students got wrong 63% of the time (about two times out of three). This was closely followed by 8×6, then 11×12, 12×8 and 8×12.

The easiest multiplication, on the other hand, was 1×12, which students got wrong less than 5% of the time, followed by 1×6 and 9×1.


How do you teach the times tables?

Traditionally teachers have relied on rote learning or memorization techniques to teach the times tables, having students recite the twelve groups of multiplications … “Two times two is four. Two times three is six … ”
But does this technique keep students enthused?


Times Table Toons is developed by the masterminds of Mathletics and is designed to engage students and teach them their times tables in a fun and informative manner. Teachers and students have thrived with Times Table Toons – with 11 original songs which teach kids the times tables from the “twos” to the “twelves.” The app has cute characters that will get kids excited about learning and singing along – check out all the lyrics below or download the app.

Free lyric download

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