Hello, my name is Ursula and I’m a World Education Games (WEG) Ambassador for #WEG2015.

I’m waiting in anticipation for the upcoming World Education Games! I just can’t wait and I’m absolutely pumped!

This is a thrilling opportunity for all of us to unite and shine whilst learning. I encourage you all, no matter where you are in the world, to stand together and participate in the World Education Games. You won’t regret it because the Games are jam packed with fun and exciting ways to learn new things. Learning always pays off, no matter how big or small, or how easily learnt. When you participate in the Games you are unleashing a whole new level of excitement and opportunity. Just by playing during the Games you have the opportunity to win medals and awards as well as raising much needed money for UNICEF. Every correctly answered question gives points which are converted to dollars for UNICEF. It’s that easy!

I have recently written letters to prominent people in Tasmania to promote the Games and have heard back from the Governor of Tasmania – the Honourable Kate Warner, as well as the Education Minister in Tasmania, Mr Jeremy Rockcliff – whose office kindly donated $100 towards the UNICEF fundraising incentive. I am also spreading awareness by writing letters to Tasmanian schools and state libraries about the approaching Games and dropping in WEG posters to be displayed throughout those schools and local hubs to encourage children of all ages to participate in the Games.

I’m enthusiastic about raising money for UNICEF and am well underway with our local fundraising campaign – ‘be inspirational’. By participating in the World Education Games you too, can raise money. Every $261 raised will go towards a School In A Box. A School In A Box is full of all the standard educational equipment, such as: rulers, text books, a globe, calculators etc. And can provide everything that is needed to teach up to 80 students with just one teacher, in an area deprived of school and education, through war, isolation or natural disaster.

So get on board, I look forward to seeing as many Tasmanians as possible on the leader board!