What type of teacher are you?

Our world is becoming increasingly connected, thanks to the efforts of technology, which has allowed individuals to share purpose, ideologies and even start movements. We are becoming global citizens where access to information allows us to care and have an impact around issues of politics, global economic conditions, global warming and education to name just a few. TED talks, blogs, twitter and subscription to online groups all help to share the message and connect individuals. People either choose to engage or move on.

lead educator (global teacher)George Couros’ recent description of The Global Teacher resonates with us, particularly his view that a global teacher is someone who focuses on “what is best for kids” regardless of whether the students are within their neighbourhood, their class, their school or across the seas. Central to George’s argument is global teachers not only apply focus and energy to their classroom and students but extend their sense of responsibility towards students and teachers beyond the boundaries of their classroom. A global teacher recognises the opportunity that connecting with teachers and caring for students outside of their school provides, in building relationships and sharing best practice – in turn growing and sharing their expertise.

What type of teacher do you consider yourself to be? If you are of the global mindset, then jump on board the Lead Educator Program to connect, share, support and continue to grow your own expertise with teaching and learning with Mathletics.

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