We were delighted to receive the below information from Gbolahan Laniyan, a Lead Teacher at Ladybird School, Nigeria:

Daniel is 10 years old and started his primary school/elementary education in Ladybird Nursery/Primary School, Lagos, Nigeria.

He was introduced to Mathletics in grade one and loved it right from the beginning.  He enjoyed all of the games and the fact that it was on the computer too.  Before Daniel underwent what he and his family describe as the ‘Mathletics Effect’, he was very different.  He was shy, withdrawn and sometimes slow to respond to questions – but his teacher and family knew that he was smart because he was always eager to learn and a very inquisitive boy. His teacher’s comments were very revealing: “He was the quiet-type, the typical introvert”, Mrs. Lawal said.

He quickly learnt his Times Tables (‘Inside-Out’- meaning multiplication, division, square and square root). While other pupils in his class were struggling to learn up to six times tables, Daniel was already at home with twelve times tables and using square roots!

Daniel is also a keen sportsman and he says that Mathletics is very similar to sports because Mathletics disciplines the mind by teaching concentration, accuracy and self-confidence.  The whole of Ladybird School regard these as priceless skills, gleaned in a large part, from Mathletics.

Daniel’s confidence in his academics grew as a result of his Mathletics practice and he found that his interest in other subjects like ICT, French and Chinese languages and Music (he loves to play the piano) increased too.


Daniel, Ladybird, Fastest Mathlete. Mathletics

 Click the above video to watch these amazing students in action!  Ladybird Nursery Primary School kids really enjoy learning in the computer lab using Mathletics!

He has been highly successful in recent school and mathematical competitions too (in a local ICT competition as well as the global 2nd Annual Chinese Bridge Competition), where he exhibited great team spirit, speed and accuracy in answering mental arithmetic questions.  The global Chinese Bridge competition is a contest for foreign students, testing their mastery of Chinese language as well as mental arithmetic.  Daniel earned his school the top position in the country and achieved 1st place in the Chinese Bridge Competition.  A great achievement considering the size of the international competition!

His grade/class at Ladybird School was also a country and continent winner in the 2013 World Education Games.  He has said that he now feels like a global superstar!

Now he is very confident and willing to learn and help others.  He enjoys organising inter-class Mathletics competitions and has found that helping his fellow team mates and younger students get faster and smarter on the keyboard has helped to bring out his own abilities.  He is regarded as a mentor and hero by the other students at Ladybird.

Daniel wants to share his love of Mathletics with as many students around the world as possible:

“Mathletics is the best thing that ever happened to me.  It’s about fun, play, speed and discipline coupled with a taste of mathematics and adventure, which many are yet to really discover.  Mathletics is so much fun, you learn without even realising it, so it doesn’t feel like homework or a chore.  It’s a good idea to start at easier levels first and then work to harder levels gradually.  It feels like a real achievement!” says Daniel.