Love Learning Conference is an initiative of 3P Learning for K-12 educators seeking to reimagine teaching and learning as well as empowering students for life.

LLC PK 2016 was an event of its own kind. The overwhelming Feedback and passion to extend Love Learning, motivated Team 3P Learning Pakistan to continue with yet another effort to make a difference.

LLC PK 2017 with a commitment to cultivate a rich learning environment was held on 26th August at Hotel Nishat Emporium, Johar Town. One of the best venues of Lahore. The worthwhile learning experience gave delegates a direct access to industry thought leaders, expertise and analysists. The participants got an opportunity to learn the emerging trends in education and Ed-Tech through thought-provoking sessions and discussions.

The theme of LLC’17 “RE-ENVISION EDUCATION – A Paradigm Shift” spoke the heart of every sensitive and committed educator in Pakistan. With over more than 700 interest registrations from 63 different cities of Pakistan and the support of the University of Education corroborates it enough.

We would also like to express our special gratitude to the University of Education for supporting our Vision and Mission.

This year LLC also gave opportunity to teachers across Pakistan to share their new innovative and creative strategies, activities, methodologies, pedagogies etc. that bring those ‘AHA’ Moments in classrooms as their Success Stories to inspire others. This initiative got an overwhelmed response and brought out some real classroom heroes 🙂 

Over 150 educators from across Pakistan attended the conference. The diversity of the social landscape, academic/professional backgrounds, education sectors, experiences and practices of the delegates and Mentors beautified the experience and delivered a straight message that “Education Matters !”.

The all-star lineup of inspiring mentors included:

The conference opened with the introduction of 3P Learning by the Regional Manager 3P Pakistan, Mrs. Iffat Ahmer, followed by the past experience of LLC PK and how it grew over the years.

As for the formal opening of the conference, I found it the most relevant to discuss the theme of the conference i.e. RE- ENVISION EDUCATION – A Paradigm Shift, with the delegates through short story, icebreaker activities and Q/A session. This lit up the learning neurons of the participant until the first keynote speakers took the stage.

Dr. Mariam Chughtai opened the Keynote sessions of the conference. She is Director Pakistan Programmes for Harvard University South Asia Institute. She is also Associate Director, LUMS School of Education.

Dr. Mariam with her remarkable exposure to the policy settings discussed some pressing issues on Education and Technology.

Comparing our current educational system to that of a FACTORY MODEL, she presented technology as a hope, as a potential equalizer to the promise that the word Education brings up with itself, which includes access and the most important, personalized learning.

However, the research shows that the provision of just gadgets is no more than the bricks and mortar of technology infact DISRUPTIVE. Moreover, some researches also indicated that proper instructions and monitoring is what actually adds value to these gadgets and enhance the learning outcomes.

Dr. Mariam sounded exactly like the values of 3P Learning, where we place teachers at the heart of learning! 🙂

Further, she also highlighted a major challenge in our Education system about the technology intervention and that is the broken nexus between policy, practices and the research.

Understanding this era as the fundamental of the next century, she strongly encouraged the delegates to use the access to technology to educate themselves on what works and what does not. Sharing her apprehension on many education projects initiated by the Government, she motivated the educators to be more daring in consuming research and be a collective force to resist interventions that are not supported by research.

Dr. Mariam’s strong and clear vision immensely helped the audience setting up directions for effectively integrating the technology in current education paradigm for a better tomorrow.

Next, Mrs. Shama Aleem CEO Chand Bagh Foundation, with her diverse experience of more than 30 years in operation of educational institutions including, Curriculum development, Planning, Establishment etc. presented a thought provoking session on the true meaning of ‘Holistic Education’- A term widely misused.

Explaining the term of education, she said that it is not knowledge but the PROCESS of imparting, acquiring knowledge, skills, values and belief. It is developing the powers of reasoning and judgment and generally preparing the individuals intellectually and otherwise for mature life. Continuing with the term of Holistic Education, Mrs. Aleem explained that it is based on the premise that each person finds identity, meaning, and PURPOSE in life through connections to the community, to the natural world, and to humanitarian values.

Unfolding the values of Education and its focus and in different religions and cultures, she very well pointed out that how Quran has referred the individuals to ILM, more than 2000 + in the form of different words and Ayahs which is more than any other prayer and practices.

Building on her talk Mrs. Aleem addressed the two very important questions when it comes to the romantic  ideas of implementation of Holistic Education, and they are:

  • HOW do we do it?

  • HOW MUCH may we do it?

Sharing some astonishing statics, she surprised the delegates with a threatening fact that in a Day School, teachers only have 1260 hrs i.e. just 90 days in a year, which is just 24 % of the total learning time an individual have.

Simplifying the term of Holistic Education as EDUCATING THE HEAD, HEART & HANDS of children she encouraged the delegates to be systematic enough to be  sustainable. For doing so some of her suggestions included Block Periods/Classes, Build Community Connections, Involve Students, Involve Parents, Teach Younger Children,  Teachers’ Training & Development and the most important, DEVELOP HOLISTIC TRAITS YOURSELF.

Ah… Isn’t this last one too demanding Mrs. Aleem?  🙂

After the tea break, the delegates were engaged by Mr. Abbas Hussain Director Teachers’ Development Center, an articulate advocate of the intellectual authority of teachers in society. In his session The Artistry of Learning to Thrive, he shared some deep root causes of the failure of current education system.

While some other discussions focused on what should be done, Mr. Abbas took the point of WHAT SHOULD BE STOPPED to shift the paradigm for a better. His foremost apprehension is WASTE OF TIME! The precious time of our young people in doing meaningless tasks for too long… Which is actually TURNING GOLD INTO CLAY !!!

Quoting John Taylor Gatto’s THE SEVEN LESSON SCHOOL TEACHER and Micheal Fullan , Mr. Abbas discussed how brutally our education system is killing young brains’ ability to think, creativity, LOVE OF LEARNING and much more….

Moving on in his talk, he put his points on each of the Pillars suggested by Jacques Delors in his books THE TREASURE WITHIN as aims of education i.e.

  • Learning to Learn Vs Learning to be Taught

  • Learning to Become Vs Learning to Seek

  • Learning Know- How Vs Learning Know – What

  • Learning to Lead Vs Learning to Follow

  • Learning to Live Together Vs Learning to Live for Self

Offering a short, sharp one-line mission, he proposed SCHOOLS OFFER LEARNING TO ALL SOCIETY. This included:

  • Get the mothers online!

  • Reduce the trust deficit

  • Cut down on useless writing

  • and …. Let the children read and write to and for each other!

Mr. Abbas with his knowledge and wisdom captivated the delegates and left them with some food for thought !

The conference continued with yet another hypnotic session by Prof. Moiz Hussain DirectorThe Institute of Mind Sciences. In the context of Re-Envision Education, Dr. Moiz talked about ‘Teachers As Beings – Your belief system is the KEY !’

People’s attitude, behaviour and practices are product of their ‘Belief System‘, which arise from their conscious and subconscious experiences. This belief system is the root of our values, goal, strategies, personality and even whatever we see happening around us.

Explaining the very terms of Belief, Self-generated Beliefs, Confirmation Bias, Disconfirmation Biased Beliefs, limiting beliefs, disempowering beliefs, empowering beliefs, through short stories and examples Dr. Moiz shared with the delegates how Beliefs are formed and how they influence our nervous system.

He unfolded the fact that the highly suggestible state of an individual’s life where the belief system establishes the most powerful way is from BIRTH TO SEVEN YEARSTeachers being the building block of a society do not just transfer knowledge but their own beliefs as well. Thus, determine the potential future.

Teachers must not present any suggestions, ideas or even biased facts as a universal truth to a child but as their personal understanding. This lets the child’s mind remain open, think, explore it further and understand it from his own perspective to his own potential, which is limitless.

Further, in his session he discussed how to prevent the formation of false beliefs. One of the  strategies he shared is to say Cancel 3 times in your mind to every non-productive thought, idea presented to you from outside or inside.

He strongly stated the teachers and parents not to discourage, label or disrespect a child in any manner as it has a lasting effect on lives. Anything suggested by an authoritative figure or a loved one becomes a part of the child’s personality for life.

Dr. Moiz suggested the teachers and parents to ponder on themselves and identify their limiting beliefs. This will help the teachers know themselves and bring their consciousness in forefront to harness their true potential.

After the most delicious lunch in the best of ambiance, the stage was taken over by Ms. Tina Hameed, Director Portal Educational Consultants, for an Interactive Session, ‘Do you know that you don’t know?

Throwing a few apparently simple looking questions, Ms. Tina pinched the right nerve of the current education paradigm. She asked the delegates:

Do You Know That You Don’t Know?
Do You Know What You Know?
Do You Know What You Don’t Know?

These questions are indeed at the very brain of conscious learning!

Later, Ms. Tina explained this knowing as awareness of self and awareness of the world using the Ignorance Map Model i.e.

  • Known Unknowns

  • Unknown Unknowns

  • Errors

  • Unknown Knowns

  • Taboos

  • Denial

Further, in her talk, presenting a four-step matrix to improve learning performance, Ms. Tina disarmingly suggested teachers to learn to understand their Unconscious Incompetence. This awareness will take them to the stage of Conscious Incompetence, which will then open doors for a Conscious Competence, and practicing it with persistence will lead them to Unconscious Competence, the happiest place to be!

Building on her session, she explained Claxton’s Four R s of learning, Resilience, Resourcefulness, Reflectiveness and Reciprocity. She explained that being a learner means enjoying learning, seeing yourself as a learner, seeking out learning as well as knowing how to go about it.

Concluding her talk, she shared with the delegates 15 popular techniques on how to prevent learning.

With her forthright approach and passion for quality education, she won over the delegates and left them reflecting on their knowns and unknowns.

Love Learning Conference 2017 came to its climax with a splendid Panel Discussion on the very theme of the conference i.e. RE-ENVISION EDUCATION – A paradigm Shift.

I found myself lucky enough to get the opportunity to moderate this impressive panel including: Mr. Abbas Hussain, Dr. Asghar Nadeem Syed, Mrs. Fakhra Shahid, Mr. Mubashir Nabi, Mrs. Mussarat Shahid and Dr. Rauf  I-Azam.

Some of the most pinching pain points of the current education paradigm and their solutions were discussed during this segment of the conference.

The notion of Education, Recruitment process, Job oriented mindset and creativity and under privileged children were some of the issues highlighted.

The conference was wrapped up awarding the selected teachers who shared their success stories and inspired others. The details may be found here.

All mentors and panelists were also honoured by Dr. Rauf-I-Azam for their precious time and support to the conference.

The 2017 Love Learning Conference was indeed a worthwhile learning opportunity for the delegates, mentors and every individual who became a part of it, inspiring and encouraging them to take responsibility of their professional development for a better tomorrow.

The feedback said it even better! In addition, put our team on their heels for the next conference to extend Love Learning.

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Last but never the least, thank you team LLC 2017!

Marvi Khan
Community Educator, 3P Learning Pakistan
Brand Manager, Love Learning Conference