Many schools in the UK like to organise their own Mathletics challenges.  The most recent of these events was the Isle of Wight Maths Day 2010.  The day began with two KS1 assemblies for KS1 and KS2.  Mathletics Regional Manager, Muhammad Daniel, presented students with certificates; three of the older children had achieved golds!  This was followed by each child showing their mental arithmetic skills, playing Live Mathletics on the big screen in front of the whole assembly!

In the Reception class, parents were invited along to be introduced to Mathletics with their children.  The session was very enjoyable; many parents were especially impressed by the Support Centre, and felt it would aid them greatly in supporting their childrens’ work at home.

After lunch it was time for the big challenge.  Three other schools had picked four of their best Y5 mathematicians to compete.  Laptops were setup in the main hall, and with the help of one of the Gold certificate achievers from Hunnyhill, everyone was shown the Mathletics environment.  Then it began.  Pupils battled away on curriculum tasks and Live Mathletics for an hour and a half, seeing which individuals and teams could achieve the most points.  Schools points were kept track of on a live basis through the Teacher Centre which was up on a big screen.  The children were totally engrossed – even refusing to take time out for squash and biscuits!  A short break was, however, taken for presentations from Vikoma and Sainsburys on the importance of Maths in their respective industries.

The last few minutes saw a nail-biting finish, with two boys – Daniel from Hunnyhill and Lewis from Gurnard neck and neck until the end.  Finally Lewis clinched it!  The general standard was very high throughout the competition, with 12 bronze certificates being gained in the ninety minute  competition!  The Hunnyhill team were the overall winners.

Certificates and medals were then presented to the winning teams and individuals, in front of staff and parents.  Many thanks go to Peter Gallop, the New Technologies Director of Hunnyhill School, for organising the Day – Hunnyhill have also been chosen to represent the South East of England as a Host School in the Four Nations Maths Challenge 2010!

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