Scott Flansburg, The Human Calculator, wowed audiences in Canada this past week to kick off Mathletic’s Maple Leaf Math Challenge! Flansburg visited a homeschooling association on the 3rd of November where students and parents were blasted with his mind blurring calculations and examples of how math can be fun for everyone. Scott shared his love for numbers and demonstrated to audiences not only how he sees numbers, but how students and parents can turn on their own human calculator.

After the show many homeschoolers shared their enthusiasm for what Scott had shared. Another homeschooling association also shared with us their experience with Mathletics:

“We are learning a tonne. Our daughter has some math blocking issues but is loving what she is learning and is so competitive with herself. She really wants to succeed. We registered her two grades below where she is currently enrolled for schooling but in less than a month she has almost completed 2/3 of a grade level!”

“I would really recommend the program. We have friends whose children use it as a supplement for their schooling in public school as well and they are very happy with the program also.”

With the Maple Leaf Math Challenge approaching students are able to compete for FREE and have a blast with math. If you feel that Mathletics would benefit your child or students please don’t hesitate to contact us today:

We hope to see you at the Challenge!!


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