We are pleased to announce that The Four Nations Maths Challenge registrations are now open!

You can now register your students and get ready for the event.   Remember, if your school already uses Mathletics you can sign in using  your existing Mathletics sign in details from 7th November for the practise period.

“So what happens next?”

All you need to do is visit the Four Nations Maths Challenge website at www.fournationsmathschallenge.co.uk from 7th November 2011.  All schools will be given access to the award winning, online platform Mathletics during the practise period and the actual competition. Each student will receive their own username and password to access the website. Full details about how to register are available on the website. Once fully registered and you have uploaded your student class roll, you can practise from November 7th-16th  with the competition starting on November  17th (Please be extra careful to ensure that you include all students, correct spellings and year levels).

“Why should my school take part?”

Our previous maths events have proven that competition is a great way to focus on numeracy and mathematical achievement in schools – it will create an amazing buzz around maths in your school. Schools taking part in 2011 maths competitions saw an average improvement of 33% in student attainment, just over the span of the short events. Your students will be fantastically motivated to become “No.1 in their nation” plus the whole event is absolutely FREE!

“Who can take part?”

All students, regardless of age, background or ability from all across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales can participate. The range of maths activities available will run from KS1-5.  We would love your students to join the thousands of others already registered to take part in this online maths event. The competition is fundamentally about changing the way children perceive maths by putting it into an arena previously reserved for sport. Which school will be crowned the National Champion?


All schools already using the Mathletics program in their school will be automatically entered for the competition. There is nothing more to do at this stage. Your existing usernames and passwords will provide access to the Challenge.  Just sign into www.fournationsmathschallenge.co.uk from November 7th.

Best of Luck!

For more details please visit www.fournationsmathschallenge.co.uk or contact:





0117 370 1992