Last week, 8th – 12th November, year 7 and 8 students led the way in a national maths challenge competing against other schools in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Myton were fortunate enough to be chosen as the English lead school for this challenge and we were able to be filmed and have the local press involved. Our students loved this challenge and it was easy to see as we filled three computer rooms every lunchtime with students try to get on the overall leader board.

We could really see the students’ efforts in the work that was being produced and the increase in pupil engagement was astonishing. To put this in perspective, in the 7 weeks leading up to the competition we had a total of 346 certificates awarded and for the competition week we had a massive 319 certificates. A certificate is given when a student achieves 1000 points by answering Mathematics  questions.

Myton finished 40th on the leader board but there were some outstanding individual results. Jason W (Year 7) and Joe C (Year 8) both achieved over 19,000 points each, placing them in the top 100 in England. Jason was in fact 35th in England, which is a superb achievement.  The best news was that 4 maths classes; 1 in year 8 and 3 in year 7, were in the top 50 in England which is fantastic to see.

Lewis Baker, Teacher of Mathematics, Myton School