Time to get stuck in, start flexing fingers, stretching those mental maths skills and begin warning up for the South African Maths Challenge.

Aim to master your activities, as there are 300 points to achieve for each activity. If you master the activity in warm up, if it’s included in the challenge course on the Curriculum Mathletics day, you’ll quickly collect the 300 points for the activity in 3 attempts on the day. Then be able to focus on mastering activities that you haven’t seen before and gaining new skills. The maximum number of points available on the Curriculum Mathletics day is 15,000 points.

What’s that you say? New Live Mathletics Levels?

Yes! It’s true, it’s not your imagination, or a mistake, those extra levels are real! Levels 1 and 2 are the same, but levels 3 to 10 now have new content to challenge student’s mental maths abilities in different ways.

Each question type is answerable using mental maths; you just have to know the trick to them.

If you have any feedback from you or your students on the new levels or their questions, please don’t hesitate to pass it on to us so we can work out if they’re too hard, or not hard enough! Just email us at customerservice@3plearning.co.za  or call us on 011 706 8959 and tell us all about it.