With over 250 assessments, each one aligned to the specific requirements of a range of international curricula and examinations,  Mathletics Assessments are already a hugely popular tool for teachers. Now, in a huge step forward for Mathletics assessments, it’s the student’s turn to take control of their own learning and just in time for NAPLAN.

1. Find out what you know – Students can choose from a range of NAPLAN style practice assessments to test their knowledge. Better yet, all tests are self-marking, so there is no additional teacher workload.

2. Fill in the gaps – Once students have sat an assessment, they can review their results and the handy Suggested Activities Report will recommend and link students to curriculum activities based on any knowledge gaps.

3. See how much you’ve improved – Mathletics Test Prep helps to motivate students by keeping track of multiple attempts at the same assessment. This gives students the ability to track their progress after every attempt and see any knowledge gaps closing right before their eyes, empowering truly independent learning.

Mathletics Test Prep is a valuable tool to improve knowledge and lift students confidence before NAPLAN. For more handy tips to share with your students, check out our Top 10 Assessment Tips.

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