The blog post contains important information about changes to the technical requirements of 3P Learning products. Be sure your school’s IT administrator is aware of these new requirements in order to continue to be able to access all areas of our resources.

Mitch-Nicholls-250pxHello. I’m Mitch, the Chief Technology Officer with 3P Learning. It’s my job to ensure all of our resources keep running smoothly and manage all of the technological wizardry that powers them.

Technology is of course a rapidly moving landscape and, from time to time, it is necessary to update the minimum technical requirements of our resources to ensure our newest tools, features and resources can be optimally used within the classroom. We are excited to be releasing a number of exciting new features and updates over the coming weeks.

In order to ensure that all of our schools can continue to access all areas of our resources fully, please be aware of the following changes to our minimum technical requirements.

Whitelisting IP Ranges & Domains:

In order to provide the best experience to the millions of users around the world, 3P Learning programs use a variety of IP ranges and domains. If you are accessing via a network, or school-based system, you may need to update your school’s proxy/content filtering systems to allow access to one or more 3P Learning resources.

Click below to learn more about specific whitelisting requirements for our resources:

Whitelisting for Mathletics

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Whitelisting for Spellodrome

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Whitelisting for IntoScience

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