We have recently taken the time to look back at the research of Dr. Kate Highfield who is a Lecturer in Mathematics, Science and Technology at Macquarie University.  In the research paper: A Review of Recent Research in Early Mathematics Learning and Technology  (2008), Kate made pertinent reference to the relationship between pedagogy and technology.

“A common theme emerging from meta-analyses examining technology use and mathematics is the crucial role of the teacher and accompanying pedagogy which support effective technology integration (Groves et al, 2006; Laborde, Kynigos, Hollebrands, & Strasser, 2006; Yelland, 2005).  Regardless of the technology used, appropriate teacher intervention has been consistently identified as an essential element for successful mathematics learning. It has been suggested that technology, per se, does not improve student learning. It is the curriculum in which it is embedded, and the accompanying pedagogy, which may determine the ultimate effectiveness of technology implementation in mathematics classrooms.”


It does beg the question have we really progressed in the last 5 years in embedding a framework around quality teacher practice and technology? Or are we simply continuing to focus on what device, rather than the hows and the whys of implementation and integration?

How has your school framed learning with technology?