We asked Michael Wales,  Lead Educator, what has Reading Eggs Certification meant to teaching and learning for his students?

Michael Wales The Oaks PS

Completing Level 1 certification has allowed me to become more proficient with using the Reading Eggs program by using Big Books, book notes and the additional teacher resources with planning and managing individual lessons as well as lesson learning sequences for my class. I can target learning by developing specific lesson success criteria for students to achieve and individualise student learning by setting individual targets and levels of working in an effort to program, manage and monitor their progress. Above all, the use of Reading Eggs as allowed me to enrich the teaching and learning process for students in my classroom and offered additional ways to teach essential literacy features with reading for meaning.

Undertaking Level 2 certification has had a very positive and invaluable impact on the teaching and learning process as use of the Reading Eggs program is proficient, consistent and now embedded in my English program (for teaching reading comprehension, grammar, phonics, spelling and writing).

My teaching program in English is scheduled over a school term with an individual weekly focus on teaching a particular reading comprehension strategy, grammar feature and spelling rule. I design lesson sequences that teach this using a ‘Big Book’ stimulus from Reading Eggs along with the use of other assigned activities. My lesson sequences progress from modelled to guided to independent lessons and Reading eggs gives me a platform to successfully plan and manage whole class and individual student progress.

This level has allowed me model reading, writing and comprehension strategies, encourage students to compose texts of their own based upon their specific learning and demo student lessons to teach and demonstrate new strategies, skills and/or content.

Furthermore, I demonstrate the use of my Reading Eggs lessons to other teachers in my school, share my program and demonstrate how I use Reading Eggs in my teaching in an effort to encourage the use of Reading Eggs across the school. This will help create more consistency in teaching and student learning and help provide bridges in student progress as they move from one stage to the next.

Having completed Lead Educator level, I can now share my English programs with other teachers not just on my stage but across the wider school to demonstrate how Reading Eggs can be used proficiently in the teaching and learning process. I can model some components of my lessons on staff development days and professional development workshops so other staff members can see how Reading Eggs lessons can be used not only by teachers, but by students.

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