How we integrate Mathletics into Learning and Teaching

Mathletics was introduced to Caledonian Primary School in 2010.  Initially it was used in just some classes with teachers setting tasks for students, but is now fully integrated into planning, teaching and assessing across the whole school.


Our school quickly saw the benefits Mathletics brings to student learning with increased levels of engagement and an increase in student mastery of basic number facts and operations.  With Mathletics, students are now keen to practice their Maths at home and share their success with their parents.

It didn’t take long for all teachers to start incorporating the Mathletics Demonstrations, eBooks and Assessments into their teaching.  Now all teachers differentiate learning by setting Classes and Courses for small groups and individual students.

In 2012 we incorporated the tasks and tests into our formative and summative assessment schedule, by using the online Tests as pre and post assessment for units of work.  This made the task of assessing quicker and easier, whilst still providing us with the information we need to plan.  The ability to export student data allows us to group students with similar learning needs and use this as the basis for forming small groups and individual work plans for students.  All students now complete one or sometimes two tasks per week linked to the unit of work.  They also love challenging each other on Mathletics Live and using the new Problem Solving challenges. We now collate all of the Mathletics data and use it to help track student progression in Maths throughout the year.

Anthony Tait, Curriculum Leader & Mathletics Lead Educator