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Teachers and students both love Reading Eggs. It’s always been simple to use, lot’s of fun, and actually works!

But that’s only the start, and the Reading Eggs team never seem content to rest on their laurels. We have been listening to your feedback and requests and turning them into a whole new batch of fantastic features to let you better manage your class, analyse student results, and access even more great new big books.

Let the list of newness begin!

Teacher Enhancements
This option will allow subscription coordinators who are also teachers to use a list which contains only their class when required. It just got even better to be a Subscription Coordinator.

Expand Book Notes search

Searching booknotes just got even better…

  • Search field to be added to BOOK NOTES screen to allow teachers to search for book note using TITLE, AUTHOR & SERIES NAME book attributes
  • Search field expanded to search on AUTHOR & SERIES NAME book attributes (Currently only TITLE is searched)
  • Available for TEACHING RESOURCES, in the LIBRARY & is to be added to BOOK NOTES (see above)

Name change for DEMO LESSONS


Tooltips for Teaching Resources

Add some tooltips to the TEACHING RESOURCES items – tool tip text would appear when the mouse is hovered near the resource & would give some details about the content of the resource.

Extension of Big Books

Books for levels 21 to 34 to be added to the BIG BOOK area in TEACHING RESOURCES.








Extra STUDENT STATS Information
The STUDENT STATS screen now includes a list of all:
  • RE events completed by a student
  • Books read by a student
  • Story Factory stories written by a student
  • Book reviews written by a student
  • No more switching between Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress – both stats are now in the same place

Name change for STUDENT PROGRESS

The STUDENT PROGRESS menu option changes to MANAGE LESSONS to indicate that the option allows the teacher to change a student’s progress level.

Tooltips for STUDENT STATS

Tooltip will be added to the Student Stats screens to explain:

  • the figure GYM LESSONS
  • the term SHORTLISTED
  •  the column COMPLETED
  • the column QUESTIONS
  • the method by which certificates are allocated in RE & REX

Heading change on REX STUDENT STATS page

RECENT STUDENT EVENTS will be changed  to RECENT LESSONS as currently only lesson-related events are included on the list.

With new sorting, filtering and much more… STUDENT STATS just got even better.