Lead Education Program

The Mathletics Teacher console provides multiple tools to assist the teacher in the classroom. Here are some useful tips for teachers:

  • Use Lessons to introduce, explore and reinforce new concepts with the students in your class.  It’s easy to pre-prepare your lessons (that could include curriculum activities, videos and interactives) and queue ready to teach on your IWB with your class.
  • Use Results to provide feedback to your students – let your students know that you can see their results and all their attempts!
  • Access Reports and use the student data as an opportunity to open goal-setting dialogue with your students. With a single click, fully comprehensive reports highlight not only student results and achievement, but visually identify weaknesses within specific curriculum outcomes.

These tips and ideas have been brought to you from the Mathletics Certification Pathway. Access more ideas to help you achieve Mathletics Certification (Levels 1 earns 2 PD hours and Level 2 earns 4 PD hours). If you are leading Mathletics within your school, the Mathletics Lead Educator (6 PD hours) is for you.