Kim Hitchener is the Mathletics Coordinator at Bounty Boulevard State School in Queensland. She’s been using Mathletics for the last two years and has seen a marked improvement in basic skills in her students and having fun along the way. Kim has been kind enough to share her experiences with us below for the good of all Mathlete-kind. Thanks Kim!

Bounty Boulevard State School

“As a classroom teacher, I’ve been using Mathletics for the last two years and before that, I was using Mathletics as a Learning Support Teacher.

At Bounty Boulevard State School we have Mathletics available for Prep to Year 7, and the students in my class this year and last year absolutely love using it. We use it both for homework and also in class.

Using Mathletics has changed the way I teach maths. I now access the demonstrations section for my students, and we go through the various activities to explore different topics and concepts. We also use the data projector and work through tasks to see which ones have been troubling students.

In particular, students who struggle with maths are well catered for. They can work through different levels of programs suited to their needs. Using Mathletics helps them as they are challenging themselves in a non-threatening environment. The other students don’t know who is on a different program.

What’s most encouraging is that I’ve seen the improvements Mathletics brings. My students’ speed and accuracy improves with regular access to Live Mathletics as well as their recall of number facts, while tasks provide opportunities for students to talk about maths activities. They love doing tasks and Live Mathletics as class activities – especially when they’re competing against others!

It’s really helped me as a teacher as well. It provides a window for the teacher to have some fun with maths. You can relax and enjoy maths with the students. The resources are wonderful and help as timesavers. It gives you resources for challenges, NAPLAN and Rainforest Maths that you don’t have to prepare.

It’s so easy to monitor and reinforces what you’re working on in class, but the best part has definitely been the students’ increased interest in maths.”