Why-get-certifiedWhy get Teacher Certified? Anthony Tait explained at Brown Hill.

Close to 20 teachers gathered at Caledonian PS to attend a Mathletics Teacher Certification workshop on 7 May. The session was run by Lead Educator Anthony Tait who stepped participants through Teacher Certification focusing not only on how to attain Certification by why!

Anthony was able to explain how easy it was to attain Certificate 1. He also suggested that when participants get back to school they take 5 minutes during their next Staff Meeting and recommend across-school certification as an ideal way to integrate Mathletics – get all teachers on board!

Anthony found the opportunity to share ideas with teachers from neighbouring schools invaluable. “At the end of the session, we had some discussion about how Mathletics was being used and implemented at a school level across our schools”.  He was also able to direct some attendees to the Mathletics Team for targeted Mathletics PD via the Training Portal to sharpen their skills towards Certification level 2.

Great work Anthony. Find out how you can attain your Mathletics Teacher Certification here.