Targeting your students’ learning gaps just got a whole lot easier.

The Reports area of the Mathletics Teacher Console is a hugely popular tool, we regularly receive great feedback about it from our global teacher community. We also listen to all the things teachers tell us they’d like to see to make their lives easier and look to build them into Mathletics wherever we can. Today we’re pleased to release one such update…

A popular tool within Reports is the automated diagnoses of student/class strengths and weaknesses. These are a popular aid to teaching and use the data generated by your students to identify existing and emerging learning gaps.

Now it is possible to target those learning gaps directly – right from the Reports screen.

When viewing reports at either a class or individual student level, simply click the name of any identified weakness to assign a targeted and adaptive practice activity directly to one or more students. You can target a single student, the whole class, or any students who have previously scored less than either 50% or 85%.


Targeting learning gaps across your entire class is now even simpler. All the data you need is at your fingertips and in just a few clicks your students can be individually targeted with relevant content.

For more information about Reports, or any other part of Mathletics, speak to one of our local teacher support teams. We’d love to talk to you.