reading eggs

Reading Eggs: Targeting Comprehension

Targeting Comprehension Interactively is a powerful tool for teaching comprehension using an interactive whiteboard. The program features ten colourful and engaging text extracts in a variety of genres with an audio track for Lower Primary; Middle Primary; and Upper Primary.

Each text is examined in stages using the following six strategies:

  1. Predicting: Students are asked questions about the book’s title, cover or graphics and asked to anticipate and predict what the text is likely to be about.
  2. Personal connection: Students are invited to relate to the text personally by considering their own or others personal experiences
  3. Visualising: Students are encouraged to create mental images to form unique interpretations, to clarify text and to remain engaged with the text.
  4. Questioning: Questions are posed about sections of the text to ensure students develop a deeper understanding of the content.
  5. Summarising: Students are asked to summarise the text in a succinct way and to recount it to their peers.
  6. Monitoring: Students are encouraged to think critically about the text and if it is cohesive and makes sense.

Each text also includes:

  • Pre-reading Zone In section to engage students and prepare them for the text.
  • Word Works activities to reinforce comprehension, grammar, vocabulary and writing skills.
  • Teaching notes with additional fluency assessment activities.
  • Assessment questions that follow the three level comprehension guide format.

Lower Primary (K-2)

There are 6 editable PowerPoint Demo Lessons that cover the following topics:

Middle Primary (3-4)

There are 17 editable PowerPoint Demo Lessons that cover the following topics:

Upper Primary (5-7)

There are 22 editable PowerPoint Demo Lessons that cover the following topics:

Links to the Australian Curriculum are provided for each text extract.

Curriculum Charts

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