Spellodrome Diagnostic Test

Automated Assessment, Individualised Learning Programs, Comprehensive Reporting, Ground-breaking diagnostics & individualised student learning programs all at your fingertips.

Spellodrome’s new student reporting function allows teachers to assess and diagnose student spelling capabilities, target student weaknesses with individualised learning programs, and measure student progress with comprehensive individualised & group reporting.

It’s as easy as A, B, C …


A.   Assess

Set diagnostic tests to assess all areas of spelling knowledge.

The Diagnostic Tests are available at 3 levels, testing all four areas of spelling knowledge including visual, phonological, morphemic and etymological.


DiagnoseB.   Diagnose

Let Spellodrome “Diagnose” areas of strength and weakness, and develop individualised learning plans for each student.

PLUS receive comprehensive results and feedback.

CLICK HERE to view a sample report.


C.   Target

In just a few clicks… assign students to their own customised Spellodrome activities to target their weaknesses and further their strengths.

PLUS measure student progress over time with complete pre- and post-testing capabilities.


 View a sample report here.

Ground-breaking diagnostics & individualised learning programs at your request.

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