Mathletics Assessment can drive improvement in your students results.

Teachers are calling the benchmark testing within Mathletics Assessments tool “revolutionary”. Designed by our education team to closely replicate national tests and assessments, it provides a powerful tool to create a practice environment for students as well as benchmark their results, progress and improvement. Assessments can be easily assigned to students, are marked automatically and provide detailed reporting by class and student.

We want to help you improve your students’ results and save time in 2015.

We have made it easier for you in 4 steps.

  1. Set an online assessment
  2. Students take the assessment
  3. View class results and diagnosed weaknesses
  4. One click to set targeted practice activities

96% of teachers agreed that Mathletics has been effective in improving student-learning outcomes.*

In January 2014, we began examining the impact of Mathletics usage on NAPLAN results in over 8,000 Australian schools.The study indicates that schools who use Mathletics achieve higher NAPLAN results. We have developed three key recommendations on how to ensure your school is maximising their Mathletics advantage.

Recommendations on how to get the advantage at your school

  • Set Mathletics curriculum activities for your students. We recommend students complete an average of two activities per week. Each activity is approximately 6.5 minutes, that’s less than 30 minutes a week!
  • Print NAPLAN practice papers from the eBooks area in the Mathletics Teacher Console. This will help familarise students with test conditions and ease the strain of a testing environment.
  • Taking the same assessment at multiple points across the school year provides excellent quantitative evidence of student improvement and will support you in helping your students achieve numeracy outcomes. Assessments in the Mathletics Teacher Console gives an automated diagnosis of each student, plus targeted development areas – by assigning relevant Mathletics content.

By spending as little as 30mins each week on curriculum activities, schools can gain a potential advantage of more than 9 percent in NAPLAN. Working collaboratively with schools, we want to do our best to lift the performance of every Australian student. A 9 percent lift per student would put us right back near the top of global performance tables.

To read the full NAPLAN report visit:

Put your students on their learning pathway …

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*Source: National Numeracy Study, 2014, Dr. Tony Stokes, Australian Catholic University,