Spellodrome can help dyslexic students by its phonic content, structured programmes, cumulative learning and multisensory experiences. It provides a range of experiences for children to see, hear, write and locate words from their allocated word lists; to practise their spellings in new and engaging ways.


In addition to the spelling patterns as covered in the Programme of Study, Spellodrome offers spelling lists around specific graphemes. You can also make use of the inbuilt audio, particularly helpful for dyslexic students.



The structure of Spellodrome allows you to personalise classes and students’ learning experiences. The current programmes can be adapted to fit with school specific programmes, or you can create your own. This ensures that dyslexic students are able to learn spelling rules, conventions and exceptions.


You may choose to use Spellodrome cumulatively, by making only one or two word lists available to your class at a time, depending on their ability. This allows you to tailor learning for students with special learning needs such as dyslexia. Use the show and hide toggles to hide the lists of words, to fully control their learning progression.



There’s also a spelling game to suit every type of learner.

For the children who thrive on pressure, there’s Word List Workout. For those who may prefer to learn in a more analytical way, there is Word Detective– a great game where children learn about word structure and make sensible guesses on letters that construct a word to spell them correctly. For students who prefer a more visual approach, Words in Pieces supports them in pulling together chunks of words, and analysing how the various parts of a word may sound different separately to how they sound together.

If you need help or support using any of the features covered above, or any other questions about Spellodrome, please contact us on +44(0) 117 370 1990 or email support@3plearning.co.uk and we’ll be happy to help.