Mathletics is a valuable learning resource and an engaging online platform that can beneficially support prep students in their educational journey. Mathletics is the world’s leading online numeracy resource, helping students to love learning and achieve greater results through engaging contact that perfectly matches their school curriculum.

Here are 12 tips for teachers when supporting their prep students on the Mathletics program:

  1. Audio instructions on P-3 activities
  2. Student App for access to curriculum and Live Mathletics on iPad, Samsung and Android Tablets
  3. Demonstrations – great way to introduce prep students to the program and work with them through activities; supports comprehension and mathematical literacy using the Animated Dictionary and Concept Search.
  4. Rainforest Maths can be accessed through Demonstrations
  5. eBooks presented in a scaffolded learning sequence to support student learning
  6. Time Table Toons is a series of very catchy songs, one for each of the times tables from 2 to 12.
  7. Concept Search is used by many Lower Primary teachers to demonstrate concepts via the bank of animated, interactive examples.
  8. Use show/hide function in Courses, which supports student direction and prevents them from being overwhelmed by the student centre
  9. Set Tasks in Results to ensure that when students login they are prompted to complete set tasks before gaining access to anything else
  10. Use a ‘Buddy System’ where senior students can support preps in learning logins and becoming familiar with the program
  11. Support Home Use – use the parent letter to send home with your students along with their sign in card, parents can help them to learn and use their login and progress through the lessons/games
  12. Change Logins if you find that the logins are too difficult, you can change their passwords (all students can have the same password). Follow four simple steps:
    1. Select Classes
    2. Select the appropriate class name (there will be more than one option if the teacher has more than one class)
    3. Locate the student(s) that you wish to change the password for
    4. Click in the Username/Password cell for the student and type or paste the new password.

Teachers, by using this online resource, Mathletics, you will help provide your prep students with strong foundations in numeracy through a fun and engaging environment.

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