It is our great pleasure to once again support CanTeen through this years Challenge events.

How funds raised help CanTeen


Funds raised by 3P Learning in 2012 can enable young people living with cancer across Australia to attend CanTeen Recreation Days.

What is a CanTeen Recreation Day?


A Recreation Day is a one day program run by CanTeen. Approximately 25 young people attend each Recreation Day which is led by CanTeen staff and volunteers. Typical activities on the day include visits to attractions such as Aquariums, visits to national parks/beaches and recreational activity sessions including skating or sailing.

The Need for CanTeen Recreation Days


Every year, nearly 20,000 young people’s lives are devastated by a cancer diagnosis, either for themselves, their parent of sibling. The impact of cancer has long term emotional, mental and financial implications and for young people, considerable risk of isolation and psychological distress. In short, it is a devastating and life altering event that can have long term implications.

How CanTeen Recreation Days Make a Difference


CanTeen holds Recreation Days across Australia to give young people the chance to take a break from the daily pressures of their cancer experience, have some fun and simply be a young person.

CanTeen Recreation Days enable groups of young people to come together, share their experiences and support each other while taking part in fun recreational activities. These one day programs give young people the chance to meet with others of the same age going through similar experiences with cancer, often for the first time, reducing feelings of isolation and distress.

Research has shown that young people affected by cancer have elevated levels of psychological distress and are at risk of developing mental health problems such as depression and anxiety. However, CanTeen research into their needs has shown that through talking with one another, young people are better able to cope with the uncertainties of a cancer diagnosis experience and have less psychological distress as a result. Recreation Days present such an opportunity.

Who will Benefit?


Typical Recreation Days are attended by around 25 young people living with cancer between the ages of 12-24, who are:

  • Patient Members – those who are cancer patients
  • Sibling & Offspring Members – those who have an immediate family member with cancer
  • Bereaved Siblings and Offspring – those who have had an immediate family member die from cancer.

Recreation Days will be helping young people like Jessica…


Jessica was only 15 when she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Her illness and treatment affected her so badly that at one point she wanted to give up altogether.

“I would just throw up and go to sleep and wake up and throw up. I lost all my hair, and got infections all the time which meant I was constantly in hospital.

I didn’t know anyone else who was like me, and my friends didn’t really understand. I thought I was the only one going through it.

One time I was so depressed I said to Mum, ‘I don’t want any more treatment. This is too hard.’”

A CanTeen staff member went to see Jessica in hospital. “She told me about the camps. When I went, it was just really helpful to meet other people who knew what I went through. It made me feel like I wasn’t an outcast. With my other friends, I would always wear a wig and my bandanna, because I was ashamed but at CanTeen, they said, ‘We’ve been through it, and we know what it’s like. You don’t have to be embarrassed anymore.’”

Thanks to the support of CanTeen, Jessica was able to attend the programs that gave her the strength and confidence to continue. This would simply not be possible without the support and generosity of organisations and individuals like 3P Learning.