Ms. Miller presenting Kelsy with the Mathlete of the Year award

As educators and parents there’s no better feeling than watching our students/children succeed. Often we observe that once students begin to love learning little can be done to stop them in their path to achieving academic success.

Such is the story of a grade four Mathlete from Chaplin School in Saskatchewan. Kelsy has shown incredible determination throughout the past school year and serves as inspiration for many Mathletes across Canada. In one school year alone Kelsy earned an incredible 71 gold bars – meaning that she scored 85% or higher in curriculum activities 71 times, an astonishing 41,000 Mathletics points, and has almost achieved her third gold certificate. It is worth to recall that a single gold certificate is not an easy feat to achieve! 1000 points in a week = 1 certificate, and students can only earn one certificate per week. Once they have collected five bronze certificates, they receive a silver award. A gold certificate is earned upon collection of four silver certificates. Kelsy did this almost three times, incredible!

In addition, Kelsy has received her school’s Mathlete of the Week award three different times during a school year alone. She was even presented with the Mathlete of the Year award!

Keep up the fantastic work, Kelsy, you rock! You’re an inspiration to Mathletes across Canada and the world. Special thanks to her teacher – Ms. Miller for sharing this fantastic story with us.


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