We just received the results from our spring CAT4 testing. All of our students from Grade 2 through 8 have been tested over the past several years. We noticed that our students continually scored right around the national average in math computation, whereas in all other subjects they tended to score above the 80th percentile. We introduced Mathletics last year and the Spring 2012 results showed an increase in [their] math scores by a few percentile points. This year’s testing showed a remarkable jump in math scores for all of our students. Most now score above the 80th percentile – and our school is now well ahead of the other Seventh-day Adventist schools in Ontario in math scores.

I will be strongly recommending that all of our schools use Mathletics. Our students thoroughly enjoy the program and are eager to get to the computer lab for their time with it. Many parents report that their children do it at home as well. We have tried a variety of textbook programs, software programs, and various teacher workshops over the past 10 years in an effort to improve our students’ math skills, but none have worked as well or as quickly as Mathletics.

~ Daniel Carley, Principal, College Park Elementary School, Ontario Canada.