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With school budgets continually stretched, external funding a rarity, BYOT (Bring your own technology) continues to gather momentum as schools look to alternative ways to provide students with meaningful learning experiences with technology.

Some schools are embarking on this journey with significant success, whilst others are mixed in their reviews and question BYOT as a real solution.

What is behind successful BYOT schools?

Mal Lee, one of the world’s leaders in researching and documenting the evolution of schooling in a digital landscape, discussing a range of considerations for schools in his paper: Leading a Digital School.   Three that resonate with us:

  • Strong leadership that develops a common understanding and language for success
  • High expectations across the school community
  • Creating a culture of empowerment and trust

You can catch Mal Lee at the Love Learning Conference where he is leading a workshop “Digital Normalisation, School Evolution and BYOT”.